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Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions

Performance enhancing precision temperature control and power control for semiconductor equipment and processes

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There are three critical needs within the semiconductor fabrication industry where we can help


  • Shorten time to market with EtherCAT® communication standardization
  • Optimize machine utilization rates with precision temperature control
  • Minimize energy bills and OpEx with improved power control


  • Maximize power availability, help reduce maintenance and improve yield with robust, reliable control
  • Minimize risks with cybersecurity enhancements and services


  • We are committed to sustainable performance by design to help reduce energy usage
  • Optimize resources to meet climate goals
  • Be future-ready, be scalable
  • Enhance and support customers’ sustainability goals with features that minimize energy and manufacturing costs

Your strategic partner for performance enhancing precision temperature and power control to help increase semicon efficiency and resiliency towards a sustainable future

Adaptable power control for Semiconductor manufacturing

Whether replacing an existing product or building a new process, the design of the EPack compact SCR power controller has been carefully designed with Semiconductor fabrication processes in mind.

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Mini8 loop controller

High performance control for Semiconductor processing.

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E+PLC400 combination PLC

Advanced control, data management and visualization in a modular platform solution.

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Why is power and temperature control so critical in semiconductor processing?

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Helping maximize efficiency within the semiconductor fabrication industry

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Expensive and complex semiconductor processes require operational resilience

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Semiconductor Articles

Learn more about semiconductor industry best practices and how Eurotherm can help improve your process.

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A more sustainable future for high energy semiconductor manufacturing

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