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A more sustainable Semiconductor manufacturing future

Helping semiconductor manufacturing fabs in their sustainability journey across the full value chain to build the most sustainable fabs of the future.

Accelerate the carbon roadmap towards zero impact semiconductor fabs and help build long-term business resiliency

We are here to help semiconductor manufacturing fabs in their sustainability journey across the full value chain to build the most sustainable fabs of the future. We are invested in optimizing resources, and helping the industry meet its climate goals as well as helping customers to meet corporate governance and minimize environmental impact.

Optimize control

Efficient management of energy through precision thermal processing control.

ALD process solution note

Helping you meet climate goals

With products designed to deliver sustainable performance

Mini8 loop controller

EPack power controller

Eurotherm are committed to more of our own facilities meeting net zero carbon emissions

State of the art production facility for Poland

First zero carbon facility of the group

infographic: Eurotherm help OEMS optimize semiconductor fabs to meet Industry 4.0 and keep up with new technologies.

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In the semiconductor industry, as demand changes, we see surges over 18–24 month periods

Scalability and being future-ready is critical: Eurotherm can help fabs be ready and resilient to meet these changes. Our wide range of control and firing modes to cover different heating applications offer OEMs customizable solutions to react quickly to customer requirements while reducing integration time and on-costs.

Eurotherm offers products and solutions ready for semiconductor equipment in Industry 4.0 smart factories and fabs:

  • Scalability for growth as fabs evolve
  • Compact products help to meet future demand for smaller devices, and minimize factory footprint
  • Cloud technology for large amounts of data
  • Support for future development – highly skilled R&D team plus global  support/service teams
  • Eurotherm helps OEMs to help end users, by developing products and features that aid compliance with evolving industry  standards/legislation
  • Eurotherm power and temperature profiles are designed, tested and validated for fast and easy  integration into existing installations, enabling leverage of connected digital technology for operational efficiency, while helping reduce environmental impact

Eurotherm is helping customers minimize their impact on the environment in a growing and rapidly changing industry

Sustainable performance by design

Featured Products

Mini8 loop controller

High performance control for Semiconductor processing.

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3500 Advanced temperature controller and programmer

Provides precision control of temperature and a host of other semiconductor process variables together with an abundance of advanced options.

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Adaptable power control for Semiconductor applications

Whether replacing an existing product or building a new process, the design of the EPack compact SCR  power controller has been carefully designed with Semiconductor fabrication processes in mind.

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E+PLC400 combination PLC

Advanced control, data management and visualization in a modular platform solution

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