TUS Recorder

Thermal Uniformity Survey Recorder

The 6000 TUS Recorder provides for the connection of up to 15 (30 channels for 6180A) Thermocouples sensors of any type (J, K, N, R, S, T etc). The sockets are arranged in three rows of 5, each row contains its own reference 4 wire Pt100 RTD sensor. Once installed and wired overall system calibration using the manufacturer’s instructions should be carried out prior to use.

An instrument is field calibrated (refer to the appropriate product installation and operation manual) at an ambient of 25°C. This adjust procedure removes the effects of individual thermocouple errors, CJC error and the input measurement error.

  • 15 High accuracy, universal T/C inputs
  • Sturdy, portable black case
  • 96MB internal memory for local archiving
  • 4GB Compact Flash memory card for additional storage (up to 8GB available)
  • Remote viewing and configuration
  • Automatic data transfer to local database
  • Audit trail
  • Batch functionality