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Process Optimization

Most businesses are driving down hard on CAPEX and OPEX costs and striving to improve performance. Eurotherm play a role in this process by bringing experienced engineers onto site, auditing the process and identifying possible improvements.

Monitoring equipment can be installed to understand performance and costs, to create a baseline upon which the improvements can be measured.


The solutions will range from simple enhancements, re-commissioning or possibly taking a completely fresh approach from the control solution to Advance control solution (involving possibly IA technology). Typically this work is only completed when new projects are undertaken but we believe it can improve the productivity of plant by applying the experience of our engineers on the day by day basis.

The Eurotherm Engineering Team (also called the Delivery Team) is a global Team of more than 60 engineers and technicians who are fully knowledgeable and experienced in Life Science applications and in working within the specific constraints of this market.They include qualified project management professionals (PMP) who are also fully trained and experienced in working to the ISPE GAMP® 5 guidelines.From collecting the information on site to interacting with suppliers and 3rd parties, we are able to engineer your automation project, to start up your production line and ultimately to provide you a lifetime support contract ensuring you kept aware of the evolution of technology and of any possible enhancements to your installation, faster, better and more cost-effective 

Our engineers can also assist in creating your User Requirement Specification (URS) in compliance with the ISPE GAMP® 5 guidelines, following a comprehensive analysis of your processes and Risk based methods, together with an understanding of your business requirements and your expectations.

Life Science Expertise

Our project Engineers delivered already lot of projects in the regulated context of the Pharmaceutical, Generic, Biotech and Medical devices environment. They are trustful and great adviser based on their knowledge and experience, they are ready to talk with you, to audit your process on DATA INTEGRITY (ALCOA+ concept), Qualification and Validation perspective (ISPE GAMP® 5 ). Let us know, how we can help you ?

Network and Cyber security Analysis

Networks and Cyber security are the back bone of today’s control and monitoring systems, transmitting process data between devices, local controllers and supervisory systems. Their failure can clearly have a serious impact on plant systems.

Using specialist equipment, our engineers will create a report detailing the physical and electrical qualities of the network. The quality and utilization performance, capacity and architecture will be measured and assessed. The physical failures, bottlenecks and the overall capacity of the system will be identified.

This analysis will result in a clearer understanding of your network, reducing downtime and improving performance.

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