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The Data Lifecycle of a Eurotherm Recorder

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  • Values from sensors have metadata (range, units, tag, calibration etc.) applied
  • Values communicated from other systems have metadata applied
  • Values captured from operator (with metadata stored to audit trail)


  • Calculated values
  • Comparison of actual and desired values to produce alarms and events
  • Temporary local storage to UHH files on recording device


  • UHH files can be stored within the recording device
  • UHH files can also be transferred to a storage location

Review, reporting and use

  • Recorder screens show current values, current alarms, trended values, historical alarms
  • Historical data values and alarms can be used for review (Data Reviewer software) or reporting (Dream Report software) and GxP activities

Retention and retrieval

  • UHH files enable retrieval of electronic batch data for investigation


  • Removal from archive location and destruction of data at end of required retention period

Data flows – within recorders and associated PC tools

The diagram below illustrates eleven data flow paths within the data lifecycle, using the Eurotherm 6000 Series Data Recorder as an example.

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