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Heat Treatment

Our specialist heat treatment know how and embedded expertise can help you to save energy, improve material properties, and reduce regulatory costs.

Products Solutions

Heat treatment industry professionals reach out to us when:

  • Striving to increase furnace throughput
  • Frustrated by temperature control issues and unreliable instrumentation
  • Under pressure to reduce quality costs and are facing regulatory requirements to meet industry standards (SAE AMS2750G CQI-9 4th edition)
  • Challenged to achieve sustainability and energy goals
  • Looking for support to transition from industry 3.0 (mainly paper based) to industry 4.0 digitalized solutions

Eurotherm serves as a strategic partner for performance enhancing precision temperature and power control with high integrity data management to help increase efficiency and resiliency towards a sustainable future.

Maximizing throughput

To maximize throughput, you need fast-acting, reliable, and repeatable precision control. Eurotherm has developed specific heat treatment control algorithms and features for temperature, atmosphere, vacuum, and energy management. Examples include autotune for quick setup of temperature instruments, recipe and setpoint management for repeatable thermal cycles, and instrument input accuracy and drift control for temperature reliability.

Quality Control

Rework, rejects, and quality defects can take significant time and cost to resolve. Therefore, minimizing these issues is essential in the heat treatment process.

  • Temperature controllers, recorders, and data acquisition systems designed to exceed the accuracy requirements of heat treat specifications (SAE AMS2750G and CQI9 4th edition) help our customers reduce quality challenges and associated costs
  • Precision control and drift performance provide confidence in achieving compliance from the first commissioning of the industrial furnace or oven to many repeat calibrations
  • Data captured in a high integrity format at the source offers a best practice approach for internal quality control with accurate records, and eases compliance to regulatory requirements


As part of a sustainability focused global corporation, Eurotherm understands our role in helping our customers protect the planet’s natural resources. Heat treatment of metals are energy intensive industrial processes. By providing advanced electrical power supply solutions and services we help customers transform from gas-fired processes to lower emission electric heating technologies that can reduce overall energy use.

Key heat treatment performance drivers

  • High furnace/oven utilization and optimum load density – necessary to maximize revenue per cycle
  • Tailored process design – can command higher product/service market values
  • Furnance management – key for delivering high process performance and consists of lean manufacturing, energy management and regulatory management

AMS2750G standards

Heat treatment is a Nadcapsm ‘special process’. Any process that can change or alter a part’s material or physical integrity by introducing stresses via mechanical, thermal, or chemical operations may be considered a special process and must be given particular care to avoid potential defects.


Explore AMS2750G Pyrometry Solutions

Supervisory system

SCADA solutions for furnace/oven, production line, enterprise requirements.

Explore our systems and solutions >

Historian/Data server

Data Reviewer/Historian to suit furnace/oven, production line, enterprise requirements.

Data management solutions >

Industry 4.0/IoT

Software-based solutions to aid digital transformation of heat treatment plants.

Improve operational efficiency with IoT >

Standard system

Expandable PLC with size options for HMI.

Improve process performance >

Data management

Data recorders with front panel and DIN rail mount options.

Help meet regulations with data integrity >

Discrete instruments

1/16, 1/8 & 1/4DIN single and multiloop PID controllers.

Explore our temperature controllers >

Energy SCADA

Power monitoring software.

Explore energy management solutions >

Power controllers

Power switches, compact power controllers, and advanced SCR power control.

Explore SCR power controllers >

Other devices

Power meters, analyzers (gas 3IR), carbon/oxygen probes.

Additional sensors and devices >

Discover Eurotherm heat treatment solutions

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Heat treatment articles

Learn more about heat treatment industry best­practices and how Eurotherm can help improve your process.

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Heat treatment applications

Discover a wide range of flexible solutions for process and energy optimization, leveraging precision control, high integrity data management and next generation IoT technologies.

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Heat treatment regulations

Our team of industry experts will help you navigate the latest regulatory requirements such as AMS2750G and CQI9 version 4.

Understand heat treatment regulations >

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