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Eurotherm products, such as the Series 2000 and 3000 Temperature or Process Controllers, MACO DS/EM-3, TU/TC/TE10P Series of SCR Power Controllers, REMIO, T630, Eycon and PC3000 family can be directly interfaced into Profibus DP networks. Eurotherm provides at no charge a GSD File Editor for all Eurotherm instrumentation that support Profibus DP or Profibus DPv1.

Use standard GSD instrument file or; drag and drop to generate custom GSD files – no knowledge of GSD file structure required!

For Profibus-DP, an instruments characteristic features are stored in an ASCII device data file called the GSD file. GSD files are used by Profibus configuration tools to enable a master Profibus scanner module – either in a PLC or PC – to know what slave devices are to be communicated to, their node address, what parameters can be read and written to and more.

In addition to standard GSD files, Eurotherm Profibus products are supported by the unique Eurotherm Profibus GSD file editor that enables creation of custom GSD files negating the need to become a GSD file expert. This 32-bit Windows based software allows drag and drop of instrument parameters from a tabbed list into input and output windows for automatic generation of the GSD file. A graphical pick column enables quick selection of the supported instruments.

Download this free software now to find out how easy it is to create custom GSD files for Eurotherm Profibus enabled instrumentation. Full documentation is provided in the Eurotherm Profibus Manual which can also be downloaded from this site.

The download also includes bitmaps for use with third party network configurators, as well as a library of GSD and ‘type’ files for use as standard with the Eurotherm range of Profibus products.

The Eurotherm Profibus GSD File editor includes support for:

2404/8f and 2408i indicator
2500Data Acquisition or 8-loop DIN-Rail controllers, DP and DPv1
2604 and 2704 multi-loop controllers
3508 and 3504 controllers
T630 dual-loop process controller
TU/TC/TE10P Power Controller units
4100 Chart Recorders

Visit for further reference information on Profibus.

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