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IIoT solutions for Food and Beverage processes

Leveraging intelligent and connected technologies to augment the workforce of the future.

Designed to improve operational efficiency

For an efficient sustainable future, food and beverage manufacturers and processors need to embrace the digital transformation to Industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies.

IIoT solutions offered by Eurotherm include AVEVATM software and EcoStruxureTM Advisor applications and services that can reduce the time spent on regulatory compliance, enhance information visibility, simplify data access, and help you to prepare for a data audit.

Introducing EcoStruxureTM

EcoStruxureTM is the Schneider Electric open, interoperable, IIoT-enabled system architecture and platform. By connecting best-in-class operational technology (OT) with the latest in information technology (IT) it helps to unlock trapped value in your operations and leverage the true potential of the Internet of Things.

Industry 4.0/IIoT solutions

EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor

  • A digital service testing and approval platform
  • Manage asset testing and calibration compliance more efficiently
  • Aids plant equipment utilization
  • Fast access to test documentation via QR codes when needed
Discover EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor >

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

  • Advanced energy visualization and analysis tools
  • Electrical system health and energy efficiency information
  • Intelligent energy management through smart alarms
  • Aids informed decisions for performance improvement
Discover EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert >

Data Reviewer

  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Display, analyze, print and share historical data files at any time
  • Give insights into production processes, identifying areas for improvements
  • Full data audit trail (with Auditor option)
Discover Data Reviewer >

EcoStruxure Machine Advisor

  • Track machines in operation
  • Monitor performance data
  • Fix exceptional events
  • Reduce support costs
Discover EcoStruxure Machine Advisor >

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor

  • Superimpose real-time data and virtual objects onto cabinet, machine or plant
  • Fast access to information
  • Reduce errors through guided procedures
Discover EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor >

AVEVA Historian

  • Advanced data storage and compression
  • Fast access to process, alarm and event data
  • Enables faster decisions based on operational performance information
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Make the digital transformation for improved data integrity

Food and beverage automation solutions offered by Eurotherm take a ‘data integrity by design’ approach, aiming to fully embed data integrity into automated manufacturing environments as part of good automation manufacturing practices (GAMP). Achieving this requires the transformation to paperless execution systems utilizing digital data technologies.

Eurotherm data recording and process control products have digital communications, providing a data integrity layer within the EcoStruxureTM platform. The suite connects the shop floor to the enterprise level, enabling the collection of critical data from sensors across the organization and, where permitted externally, to connect the supply-chain. It also provides data analysis that can help to discover meaningful insights and enable the workforce to take action, through the combination of real-time information and business logic.

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