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Optimizing Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

E+PLC Range Advanced control, data management and visualization, combined with the flexibility of a PLC

A Cost Effective Combination

Controlling a process more precisely can reduce energy usage, shorten processing times, minimize waste, and improve final product quality, all of which can increase your overall profitability.

The E+PLC range combines Eurotherm core expertise in measurement accuracy, precision control and tamper resistant recording, together with proven PLC functionality. The range includes a single box solution for small machine applications, and a modular platform solution for larger machine processes.

Eurotherm PID control in a PLC with recording – it’s game changing!

OEM engineer

Optimizing Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

  • An Open PLC Designed to Offer Control and Recording
  • Accurate Measurement Enables Better Process Performance
  • Precision Control and Setpoint Programmer Enable Efficiency Optimization
  • Tamper Resistant Recording Aids Compliance to Industrial Regulations and Quality Standards
  • A PLC Designed to Offer Faster Integration
  • Available as a Product or Fully Engineered System
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The Right Solution for your Application … Whatever its Size

Small Machines

E+PLC100 – Single Box Solution

  • A compact combination PLC
  • Precise control, setpoint programmer and tamper resistant recording fully integrated within a PLC application
  • Minimizes engineering and commissioning costs while maximizing process performance
  • Inbuilt advanced PID and setpoint programmer functions
  • Continuous and batch recording
  • Visualization remotely browsable from smart devices
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Large Machines

E+PLC400 – Modular Platform Solution with Optional E+HMI150

  • A modular combination PLC with selectable base sizes to suit your application
  • Precise control, setpoint programmer and tamper resistant recording fully integrated within a PLC application
  • Minimizes engineering and commissioning costs while maximizing process performance
  • Inbuilt advanced PID and setpoint programmer functions
  • Continuous and batch recording
  • Visualization remotely browsable from multiple devices
  • More processing power and I/O, make it suitable for larger machines with more complex functionality
  • Larger memory allows more extensive use of ladder logic and sequencing programs
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Process Plants

T2750 PAC – Plant-wide Solution with Plug in Redundancy

  • Complete distributed control and recording environment
  • Easy system redundancy
  • High availability solution
  • Cost effective, high end solution
  • Continuous analog, logic and sequential control
  • Suitable for ISA-S88 batch management
  • Tamper resistant recording at point of measurement
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PC based control systems typically limited system life to 5-10 years due to software upgrade compatibility issues – a big price hit for our customers.

Using an off-the-shelf product like E+PLC400 will enable us to maintain them for longer, which better fits the life of the rest of the equipment.

OEM Engineer, Environmental Chamber Application

CODESYS Platform Features

E+PLC takes advantage of CODESYS, a leading platform which provides a proven, efficient engineering tool. Control and Visualization are built in the single integrated development environment (IDE), reducing the time and cost of implementing a system.

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Accurate Measurement in a PLC

To control precisely you need to measure accurately. Unlike traditional PLCs, E+PLC analog input and output modules offer similar accuracy specifications to our highly respected Eurotherm discrete controller and PAC ranges.

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Auto-tuning PID Control in a PLC

Unique Eurotherm auto-tuning PID algorithms are contained within E+PLC in the form of easy to use function blocks. Designed to provide similar precision control performance to Eurotherm discrete controller and PAC products they offer improved process performance and higher quality results in an all in one solution.

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Easy Setpoint Programming in a PLC

  • Reduces Programming Time and Helps to Optimize the Process
  • Efficient Engineering
  • Improved Process Efficiency Reduces Costs and Produces High Quality Results
  • Setpoint Program Editor
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A PLC with Integrated Visualization

E+PLC provides embedded visualization which enables dynamic diagnostics of application programs together with concurrent development of the final process. Contained within a single programming environment, process displays are easily created for use where and when you need them. The same process displays are also available in HTML5 format for use on other HMIs.

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Tamper Resistant Recording in a PLC

  • Compliance with Regulatory and Quality Standards
  • Smart Efficient Data Management
  • Eurotherm Data Recording Library Function Blocks
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Batch Data Management in a PLC

Searching for batch data in paper records can be time consuming. With E+PLC, process and metadata associated with a batch can be captured using easily configurable function blocks in the Eurotherm library. Just search by batch code in Eurotherm Review Software for quick retrieval of the data.

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A Combined Solution for Machine Control

Easily Integrated Power Control Eurotherm

EPack™ and EPower™ ranges provide advanced strategies that help to minimize energy usage in high energy processes. Modbus TCP communications allow connectivity to the E+PLC network, while in-built EPower and EPack address registers selected from the E+PLC Modbus library allow quick and easy integration with the E+PLC platform.

Energy Efficient Motor Drives

Eurotherm offers an extensive range of AC drives, soft starters.and DC drives to suit a wide range of applications. Easy configuration, installation, and operation are featured throughout the ranges along with flexible programming and high accuracy performance.

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Open Connectivity to Wider Systems and Industry 4.0 Technologies

  • Flexible Communications Designed for Easy Integration
  • Straightforward integration into wider DCS/ SCADA solutions
  • Ethernet Based Protocols Enable Integration into IIoT/Industry 4.0 technologies and 3rd party devices
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Our customer was trying to save space in the factory so they really benefited from the smaller cabinet design, thanks to the combined functionality of E+PLC.

System Integrator Sales Engineer, Heat Treatment Application


Locking out operators with password access so they can only change parameters if we allow it is a useful feature for us.

Production Engineer, Petrochemical Industry

Engineering Services for a Lifetime of Support

The innovative technology provided in the E+PLC platform is supported throughout its lifecycle by highly professional teams of engineers who understand the challenges faced in modern industry. We will help you every step of the way, from selecting the right product for your application, through professional project management and engineering services, to comprehensive global technical service and support.

Working with Eurotherm, you will be able to access the decades of knowledge and experience we have in process control, recording and automation. Our experienced, professional engineers can help you get the most from your process by assisting with programming, commissioning and helping to keep operations optimized throughout their lifetime. Our service teams will help you to keep your control well tuned, data appropriately archived, sensors correctly calibrated and systems working efficiently.

  • Comprehensive, highly professional global service network, including project delivery, calibration, accreditation and training services
  • Deep understanding of control, recording and industrial applications
  • Experienced in solving complex control problems
  • Customizable service level agreements for cost effective support and peace of mind
  • Supported by a long standing team of research and development engineers and leading industry domain experts
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The support we received from Eurotherm application engineers enabled us to re-engineer the system in a faster time frame

System Integrator Control Engineer

Decades of Application Knowledge in a PLC

E+PLC contains decades of experience and understanding of industrial processes, how to control them well and meet regulatory requirements. Most traditional PLCs have been developed from a sequential control platform. The E+PLC range is different. It is based on a deep understanding of analog control and data recording, and how these are applied across many industries. In combination with sequential control in CODESYS open platform it offers a ‘best of both worlds’ solution for machine control applications.

Performance Without Compromise

A single, integrated PLC solution with inbuilt advanced control, data management and visualization
Developed from a deep understanding of precise, analog PID control and the applications in which it is required
Designed to improve process performance, reduce energy usage and increase profitability
Rich and versatile functionality to meet the demands of modern advanced processes

Specialized Functionality for Heat Treatment and Materials Processing

E+PLC range contains algorithms specifically designed for Heat Treatment applications. Advanced control and data management provided by E+PLC satisfy the required levels of accuracy and data integrity for this regulated industry, while reducing engineering and operational costs.

E+PLC is suitable for use in Nadcap applications in all furnace classes A-E, as defined in section 3 of the AMS2750E standard.

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Heat Treatment Function Blocks Included in E+PLC

✓ Zirconia


✓ Carbon Diffusion (online carburizing)

✓ Holdback function for ‘Guaranteed Soak’

✓ Thermocouple Life

✓ Vacuum Leak Rate – for implementing a leak test

✓ Vacuum Gauge Switch

✓ Vacuum Pump-down Timer

✓ Vacuum Input

✓ Vacuum Leak Rate

✓ Visualization elements including: Steel Specification Faceplate, Carbon Diffusion Profiler and Carbon Diffusion Faceplate and Vacuum Faceplate

Flexible Machine Control Ideal For:

Automotive | Aerospace | Advanced Materials Processing
Semiconductor | Glass | Fine Chemicals | Plastics
Life Science | Healthcare | Food & Beverage | Water & Waste Water

Industrial Furnaces • Ovens • Autoclaves • Climatic Chambers • Annealers • Dryers • Reactors
Sterilizers • Incubators • Boilers • Steam Generators • Disinfection Processes
Industrial Distillation • Extruders • Blow Molders • Injection Molders • Melt Pressure Control
Batch processing • Pilot Plants • Specialist Machines and Test Equipment

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