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Reduces Programming Time and Helps to Optimize the Process

An easy to use flexible setpoint programmer is included in E+PLC providing straightforward configuration that greatly reduces engineering time compared to traditional PLCs. The programmer closely integrates with Eurotherm PID control to help maintain the setpoint within tight tolerances. Programmed segments can be configured in conjunction with other events, and the different programs can be selected using a recipe function.

Efficient Engineering

  • Simple spreadsheet style data entry with drop-down lists
  • Programmers can be designed for specific applications
  • OEM, System Integrator and end customer intellectual property can be embedded in the programmer
  • Unlimited segments, setpoints and events (dependent on available application memory only)

Improved Process Efficiency Reduces Costs and Produces High Quality Results

  • Precise performance against required thermal profile with minimal overshoot during ramps
  • Rapid control response
  • Holdback function offers ‘Guaranteed Thermal Soak’ time
  • Multiple setpoint programs to suit a range of production requirements
  • Running programs can be edited
  • Inbuilt recovery routines in case of electrical power supply interruption

Eurotherm Setpoint Programmer Library Function Blocks Include:

✓ Programming of multiple channels in segments plus loading and execution of programs

✓ Visualization – graphical setpoint program editor element, for loading editing and running programs

Setpoint Program Editor

  • Segment Type is customizable for the use of process relevant terminology
  • Segment Name is customizable for any duty on the HMI
  • Irrelevant parameters are blanked out to simplify setup
  • Names can be customized in a drop-down list to suit the application

See how Eurotherm customers have used E+PLC:

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