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Unique Eurotherm auto-tuning PID algorithms are contained within E+PLC in the form of easy to use function blocks. Designed to provide similar precision control performance to Eurotherm discrete controller and PAC products they offer improved process performance and higher quality results in an all in one solution.

Operating Over Temperature results in:

  • Wasted energy
  • Over-heated product
  • Possible scrap

Improved Process Performance Helps to:

  • Optimize processing time
  • Minimize energy usage
  • Produce high quality products that meet their regulatory requirements
  • Maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Precision Control for Specialist Industries

Cutback and overshoot suppression features enable process variables to ramp to required setpoints quickly, within tight tolerances, improving the stability and repeatability of processes.

An effective autotune algorithm minimizes commissioning and loop setup time.

Eurotherm libraries also contain specialized function blocks that simplify control in industries such as Heat Treatment and Life Sciences.

Advanced Control with Reduced Engineering

Eurotherm pre-engineered control function blocks and visualization elements are readily available from Eurotherm libraries within CODESYS integrated development environment. Users need to simply parameterize the blocks and implement them as many times as required for an application.

Comprehensive maths string processing (ASCII & Unicode) functionality is also available from within CODESYS libraries.

Eurotherm Control Library Function Blocks Include:

✓ Single, dual channel and full sets of On/Off, PID and VPU (valve positioning) control

✓ Autotune – tune sets and variables for control function blocks

✓ Gain Scheduling – six extra PID sets which can be tuned to reach different setpoints

✓ Setpoint Generator – for simple control of multiple parameters

✓ PID Visualization Faceplate – shows process variable and setpoint values alongside output, represented as a 0-100% horizontal bar graph

✓ I/O includes time proportioned output (TPO)

Operating under temperature results in:

  • Wasted time
  • Wasted energy
  • Slower throughput
  • Possible non-conformance and re-processing

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