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Eurotherm® is pleased to announce the release of Eurotherm Data Reviewer V4.1.0.  This release, together with V4.0.0, provides the following key updates:

  • Support for OPC UA* (Unified Architecture) – The Enterprise Edition allows OPC UA client(s) access to the historical data (uhh files) stored within the Elasticsearch database
  • Scheduled reports – The Enterprise Edition allows users to generate reports manually or automatically in either PDF or CSV format
  • Batch field search – The batch search has been enhanced to return batch cards where any batch field text matches the search criteria

*Eurotherm Data Reviewer V4.1.0 has been certified by the OPC Foundation. 

Additional enhancements for:

  • Support for Syslog
  • Session management
  • Support for Review Quickchart files (urq)
  • Multi-lingual online help
  • Support of the “Advanced SQL condition in Objects” feature for AVEVA™ Reports for Operations 2023
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022
  • Withdrawal of support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)


All orders placed after the 2nd November 2022 will be shipped with V4.1.0. Eurotherm Data Reviewer software can also be downloaded from the Eurotherm Data Reviewer web page. Updates to Eurotherm Data Reviewer software will also be deployed via the Schneider Electric Software Upgrade tool (SESU).

Technical support

For Technical Support: to contact us for advice, either by telephone or via email please contact your local Eurotherm Helpdesk.

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