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Eurotherm are pleased to announce the release of a demo application for both the Pro-face ST6200 4.3” wide HMI and GP4114T 4.3” wide HMI.

This application compliments the EPC2000 Programmable Controller when offered as part of a customized solution. Both the Pro-face ST6200 and GP4114T HMI panels are now supplied with a Eurotherm demo application pre-loaded, and ready to connect to an EPC2000 Programmable Controller. The demo application, available to download from the Eurotherm website, is a single loop configuration used for heat/cool strategies, with a 10-segment programmer, built in alarms and three modes of operation. It is suitable for both heat treatment and pharmaceutical temperature applications and can be used as the starting point for any project, utilizing either the ST6200 or GP4114T HMI panel. Click here to access the demo application.

demo application for Pro-face HMI pa

BLUE Basic software by Pro-face

To engineer applications for either the ST6200 or GP4114T you can use BLUE Basic.

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