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Precision process control for Food and Beverage processes

Increase your product quality, minimize scrap and optimize energy consumption while complying to global and local statutory regulations.

Precision process control solutions help food and beverage manufacturers to improve efficiency and product quality, as well as make their processes more sustainable while complying to relevant industry standards.

Eurotherm offers a wide range of precision PID and process control solutions designed to help meet thermal processing requirements. Dependent on the product, options are available to aid configuration and control of Food and Beverage applications, such as function blocks for sterilizer, saturated steam, mass flow, humidity and recipe.

Looking for a control optimization solution to solve sustainability, efficiency and regulatory challenges?

Non-uniform mixing, flow rates, heating or cooling can lead to wasted product, time and energy. For example, whenever the temperature of a product is unstable during a cooking or cooling process:

  • Energy is wasted
  • Product can be under or over cooked
  • Possible non-conformance to critical temperature limits can lead to a rejected product

EPC3000 Programmable Controller

The Eurotherm EPC3000 programmable controller delivers fast-acting repeatable precision control, featuring:

  • Setpoint programmer for ideal process profile
  • Industry leading response time to set point changes, which can reduce energy usage and minimize temperature overshoot and undershoot
  • Autotune functions to help automatically set parameters that optimize process control

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T2750 PAC (Programmable Automation Controller)

Manual adjustment of controlled processes can cause unacceptable changes to the product. Automation of the process helps to achieve consistent repeatable results.

The Eurotherm T2750 PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) helps to ensure that all the zones in an oven are controlled to the right temperature for each specific product.

  • Batch features enable efficient process data management and analytics
  • Recipe feature allows process setup to be saved and recalled when needed
  • Configuration lock feature helps to protect control related intellectual property

Explore the T2750 PAC >

Achieve regulatory compliance

Use precise temperature and process control to help your food and beverage process adhere to global and local good manufacturing practices and regulations, such as FDA 21 CFR and HACCP/HARPC guidelines.

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Precision PID control with accurate inputs and outputs, and high rejection to industrial noise, can help meet the tight process tolerances and critical control points (CCPs) required by food and beverage regulations while reducing energy costs and improving operational efficiency.

nanodacTM Recorder/Controller

The Eurotherm nanodacTM Recorder/Controller combines high integrity data recording that aids compliance to regulations, with world class PID control for high performance and process repeatability.

Useful features for Food and Beverage:

  • Alarms that help to inform when a critical limit has been reached
  • Built-in web server for remote visualization
  • IP66/NEMA12 rated wash-down front panel option
  • Digital batch recording and auditor options offer electronic signatures, supporting compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

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Simplify packaging integrity

Time, temperature, and pressure are crucial for the creation of a quality heat seal that retains its integrity. Poor control of these parameters can lead to waste of time, product and packaging.

Can you afford it?

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A precision PID temperature controller is the best choice for repeatable and reliable temperature seals. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is also often used to provide overall control of the machine.

E+PLC Combination PLC

The Eurotherm E+PLC400 combines advanced control, data management and visualization in a modular platform solution.

This all-in-one box solution offers:

  • Eurotherm precision PID control in a PLC
  • Repeatable control for high quality packaging processes
  • Remote view and control of key parameters using an inbuilt and configurable web server
  • Communications for integration into open digital platforms, aiding the transformation to Industry 4.0 technologies

Explore the E+PLC400 >

Service level agreements (SLA)

Keep your controllers and control systems running efficiently through customizable services to cover the entire system lifecycle.

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Our service level agreements (SLAs) are designed to reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and increase system availability. Overall, they help to reduce the total cost of ownership and offer long-term peace of mind based on the criticality of your system.

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