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Why is precise temperature and power control essential in Semiconductor fabrication?

Eurotherm’s knowledge in PID temperature control and power control, combined with expertise in semiconductor fabrication processes, enables the continual development of temperature measurement and control enhancements.

All designed to help fab facilities, machine manufacturers, foundries, and fabrication plant owners to increase their efficiency and resiliency for a more sustainable processing future. Helping to meet OEM challenges to optimize resources, be scalable, be resilient and ready for the fabs of the future.

Optimize high energy use in Semiconductor fabrication with Eurotherm SCR power control

Owners need visibility into how energy is used throughout the fab plant if they are going to accomplish their energy reduction goals.

‘Within the fab community… with fierce competition… ratcheting up efficiency efforts and taking a 20% to 30% bite out of annual energy costs can offer competitive advantage and improve profit margins’.

Source: Mckinsey-Bringing energy efficiency to the fab

Eurotherm contributes through improved power control performance, helping tool manufacturers, fabs and foundries to meet these demands.

Energy performance

Accurate, repeatable, multi zone temperature control aids energy optimization
Heat cycle optimization reduces processing time
Specialized control algorithms and EtherCAT communication enable fast response to temperature disturbances with minimal overshoot

Power factor optimization

Advanced control and firing modes allow harmonic noise reduction and power factor optimization
Lower or eliminate power factor penalties on the energy bill

Energy usage diagnostics

EPack™ compact SCR power controllers offer monitoring and diagnostics for improving energy efficiency and up-time

Optimize production output

Digital control rather than analog control, aids precision and repeatability which allows the EPack controller to achieve greater thermal uniformity of wafers during heat/cool processing, for sustainable performance and durability.

infographic: Power control can be 30 percent of operating costs in semiconductor fab and one voltage sag can cost $3.6M. we see more sustainable fabs each year.

Adaptable power control for Semiconductor applications

Whether replacing an existing product or building a new process, the design of the EPack compact SCR  power controller has been carefully designed with Semiconductor fabrication processes in mind.

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