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The ISO5167V application module is implemented against the ISO 5167-1:1991(E) Standard and provides the following functionality:

  • Calculation and display of the mass and volume flowrates through Venturi tubes
  • Calculation and display of the Reynolds number
  • Four different tapping types
  • Calculations for gas or liquid
  • Standard supervisory workstation interface
  • Standard software block
  • Status and alarm display
  • Engineer point display
  • External conditions can be used to generate additional alarms

The ISO5167V application module forms part of a library of software function blocks designed to aid the implementation of flow calculation for Venturi tubes. The calculation is based on SI units (barG, °C and kg/hr)


The application module offers the functionality required to calculate mass and volume flowrates of fluids through Venturi tubes with either of the following tappings:

  • As Cast
  • Machined
  • Rough Weld
  • Nozzle

The module processes calibration and lab data and offers intermediate values such as corrected throat and pipe diameters.

Outline Specification


  • Differential Pressure input
  • Upstream Static Line Pressure input
  • Upstream Line Temperature input
  • Upstream Density input
  • Operator/Calibration Parameters
  • Venturi Tube Calibration Diameter and Temperature
  • Venturi Tube Expansion Factor
  • Pipe Calibration Diameter and Temperature
  • Pipe Expansion Factor
  • Isentropic Exponent
  • Dynamic Viscosity
  • Relative Density
  • Specific Heat Ratio


  • Diameter Ratio out of Range (Beta)
  • Reynolds Number out of Range


  • Mass Flowrate
  • Standard Volumetric Flowrate
  • Corrected Venturi tube and Pipe Diameters
  • Pressure Ratio
  • Diameter Ratio
  • Expansibility Factor
  • Discharge Coefficient
  • Reynolds Number
  • Downstream Static Line Pressure
  • Upstream Line Temperature

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