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Your heater material and design dictate how you control it

If you are designing a control system for a resistance-heated process you can’t ignore the properties of the heater. This...

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Vulcanisation Cure Time Calculation

Vulcanisation is a process that is performed to harden rubber and improve its strength. The process, which is performed within...

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Virtual Channels using the nanodac Recorder / Controller

Vulcanisation is a process that is performed to harden rubber and improve its strength. The process, which is performed within an...

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USB CPI Clip Driver Download

To download the driver visit FTDI drivers may be distributed in any form as long as license information is not...

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Traps and colour confusion in thermocouple wiring

This article concerns inaccuracies and instabilities caused by misuse of thermocouple extension cable on temperature control systems. The jungle of...

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The versatility in versadac

The scalability the versadac recorder offers makes it a naturally versatile product but it contains many features which can add...

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Semiconductor Diffusion

Diffusion Furnaces are tube furnaces used in the manufacturing process of semiconductor components. They are used to add doping impurities into...

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Full Life Cycle Support

Do you need consistent control and quality worldwide? Reduce your validation costs and keep full control and traceability throughout your...

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Flow calculation for Venturi tubes

The ISO5167V application module is implemented against the ISO 5167-1:1991(E) Standard and provides the following functionality:Calculation and display of the...

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What our Customers Say

What our customers say...

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Steelmaking / BOS Plant

What is steel?Steel consists in the majority of iron but with high levels of carbon e.g. 4% removed and a...

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Demand Load Management

Ensuring the working steam pressure is sustainable.Operator selection of baseload or modulating operationParallel or serial demand sharingBoiler banking8-day timerMulti-sequence programme selectionOne of the primary...

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