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So why use Pulse-Firing?  The simple answer is to reduce costs!

Although putting in a Pulse-Firing system may mean a higher capital outlay, this is offset by reducing energy costs.  Costs are reduced through improved burner efficiency, better heat transfer through improvement in circulation and penetration of heat enabling  reduced heat-up times thus shortening overall cycle times. Some benefits are also seen with the quick acting nature of this system compared to conventional modulating motors systems – this also reduces energy wastages due to quick reaction to changes in temperature demand.

Pulse-Firing systems may also improve the versatility of the equipment by improving its working range from as low as 300degF through to over 2000degF (depending on heat input!).  Reduction in overshoot enables tighter temperature control and aids conformance to specfications such as AMS2750D.

Along with all these benefits of Pulse-Firing, Eurotherm offer this control in a package which comes with cascade control, recipe manager, an intuitive HMI enabling easy alteration of setup – security controlled – as well as a full data management package (all standard in our Eycon Visual Supervisor!).

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