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Data Integrity for Business Critical Data

  • Electronic logging of process values
  • Designed for FDA 21CFR Part 11 electronic records
  • FTP push to up to three servers
  • SNTP time synchronization across the network

A unique feature of the T2550/T2750 PAC is secure redundant data recording. This allows data, alarm information and messages to be recorded at the point of measurement, with all data being time stamped as it is recorded, satisfying regulations such as the FDA 21CFR Part 11 or Nadcap and the DATA INTEGRITY ALCOA+ guidelines.

DATA INTEGRITY and secure data recording is always important, and in many processes it is vital to the end product. Using the optional redundant processor and power supply capabilities of the T2550/T2750 PAC allow you to ensure that as long as the process is running, Data Integrity and secure data are Stored, maintained and are available over the communications network.

If communications are lost for any reason the data is still available for Forwarding when communication is restored ensuring that any holes in the supervisory visualisation software are filled to provide a Complete picture of the process.

With up to several months of data stored in the internal flash memory, data can be pushed over FTP to either primary, secondary or tertiary servers – effectively providing a Consistent and Complete infinite archiving capacity.

Data can also be pulled into multiple sources where it is needed for batch, process and analysis reporting, and forms the primary source of Raw Data archive for the FDA or similar organisation.

When the T2550/T2750 are used with the Eurotherm DCS solution, any loss in communication causing gaps in data at the top end system, will automatically be Completely filled in from the secure Attributable files at the instrument when communication is restored.

Software such as “Eurotherm Reviewer” can acquire the data for legible analysis and inclusion in a database, viewing , printing or for report preparation and publication, with packages such as “Dream Report™” from Eurotherm.

Distributed and Integral solutions

Whether a standalone or a plant wide solution, the Distributed Control System (DCS)  T2550/T2750 PAC offers high performance with scalability, distribution and integration to suit the requirement. It provides peer to peer communications and units can be distributed throughout the plant with simple configuration from a single database. A wider, integrated solution can be provided using Modbus RTU, TCP or Profibus communication to other products and systems.

  • Standalone unit solution
  • Plant Wide distributed solution with reduced engineering
  • Plant Wide integrated solution with powerful communications                                                                                                                                                                               
  • On Option : Full Qualification/Validation System Templates document related to ISPE GAMP®5 Engineering Guidelines                                                                                   
  • Integrated Application function block allowing Category 4 document list ISPE GAMP®5 guidelines only




Store & Forward and Backfill Action

  • Store Raw data and alarm at the point of measurement
  • Identify missing data period
  • Assign and retrieve the control historian with missing data attributable from Store & Forward.

T2550/T2750 PAC provides:

Dual Redundant Data Acquisition

  • Secure FDA 21CFR Part 11
  • Historian Data at Source

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