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A recent article from Reliable Plant on “Smart Redundancy” outlined the benefits of small scale redundancy in controls and systems having a dramatic effect on the reliability of Plant operations.

“Smart redundancy has to do with taking a critical look at your systems, looking at risks and searching for opportunities where a little redundancy may pay big dividends. Utility and packaging systems are ripe for this kind of review.”

To read the full article, please click here

It is a misconception that redundancy always has a high price tag – “smart redundancy” can be implemented for a few hundred dollars (dependant on the solution required).

Eurotherm offer a number of a different “Smart redundancy” solutions including simple Control Auto-Manual stations to run in line with PLC and PAC systems, data-recording redundant solutions (the nanodac pid controller/compact recorder being an example of an excellent cost-effective solution) and redundant power supply and processors in PAC systems that were designed with redundancy in mind.

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