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Hoosier Spring operates Heat Treat equipment to AMS2750E standards and are NADCAP accredited by the Performance Review Institute (PRI). Now in its third generation, they continue to provide high quality springs for many critical applications.

Hoosier selected Eurotherm to further improve the control and data acquisition in their internal Heat Treatment department by using the 3504 advanced Temperature/Process Controller for precision Temperature Control and the AeroDAQ AMS2750E Data Management Solution for data acquisition and thermocouple monitoring.

Hoosier fully utilize the Software tools (Bridge/Review) to monitor Process Cycles from a Central Operations Room and have the ability to remote start and stop batch cycles.     

Hoosier manufactures a variety of Spring types including Compression (Cylindrical to Hourglass), Extension, Clock and Torsion Springs with overall size ranging from 0.008” to 0.750”.

Springs manufactured for rugged performance utilize materials to withstand corrosion resistance and extreme temperatures and are used in Industrial Gas Turbines, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Fuel Rods, Diesel Engines and Metering applications.

Also Precise, high toleranced springs for many aerospace applications include the Ram Air Turbine, Aircraft wheels and brakes, Engine controls and Navigational Guidance systems.

As a point of interest, the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) on U.S. Airways Flight 1549 deployed after loss of both engines due to a bird strike. The RAT provided hydraulic power which allowed the pilot to maneuver the aircraft into position for a water landing to ensure the safety of the 156 passengers on board. The Springs in the RAT were Hoosier Springs.

EK Systems, a Eurotherm Partner company, installed and commissioned the new control system.​

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