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Tom Morrison (CEO, MTI – Metal Treating Institute) recently introduced a video about “The Keys to Connecting Specifications and Audit Performance” and spoke about the high potential costs of quality compliance in Heat Treat operations – potentially as much as 13% of a Heat Treaters gross sales. Using the average MTI Heat Treaters Sales revenue, this could be as much as $780,000 per year – a significant expense!

Tom interviewed Jim Oakes and Andrew Bassett to get their views on conforming to Heat Treat standards and asked them about two or three keys to help Heat Treaters improve compliance to the standards.

1. Good understanding of the standards. Don’t take shortcuts! Get outside help if needed.

2. Well documented Control plan to deal with situations when you have a deviation.

3. Good training (mainly due to experience retiring from Industry).


For more information, please click on the image below to watch the original video.


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