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Do you want complete peace of mind in meeting regulatory requirements?

Would enabling thermal process equipment accreditation through expert control and information management help your solution?  We can help you with a wide range of products and services designed to meet the audit regulations for Heat Treatment.

Regulations fall into two main categories and we can provide you with solutions to meet both requirements:

  • Aerospace accreditation process such as Nadcap and associated specifications including AMS2750
  • Company quality manual processes such as the automotive industry standard IATF 16949 and the heat treatment assessment CQI-9

Nadcap (administered by PRI)

  • Audit checklists e.g. AC7102 series for heat treatment,

Publications and further information are available from PRI Network

  • AMS2750 – Pyrometry
  • AMS2759 series for Heat Treatment of Steel Parts
  • AMS2769 Heat Treatment of Parts in a Vacuum
  • AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772 treatment of Aluminium alloys

Specifications are SAE publications and are available from SAE International

IATF 16949

ISO/IATF 16949:2002 is an ISO Technical Specification which aligns existing American (QS-9000), German (VDA6.1), French (EAQF) and Italian (AVSQ) automotive quality systems standards within the global automotive industry, with the aim of eliminating the need for multiple certifications to satisfy multiple customer requirements.

Together with ISO 9001:2000, ISO/IATF 16949:2002 specifies the quality system requirements for the design/development, production, installation and servicing of automotive related products.  The standard is maintained by an international group of vehicle manufacturers plus national trade associations: The International Automotive Task Force (IATF).

Publications are available from an abundance of web sites such as BSI Group EMEA.


CQI-9: Special Process: Heat Treat System Assessment(HTSA) developed by the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) provides common assessment criteria for  heat treatment processes used by suppliers. It is designed to fit into the approach and audit methodology of IATF 16949 and covers all the common heat treat processes. Pyrometry is covered extensively and AMS2750 is used as a reference document.

EN 14597

Eurotherm is pleased to announce that the 3200i range of indicators and alarm units has been type approved to EuroNorm 14597 TW (DIN Certco Approval to EN14597:2005-12). This European Community standard is a more stringent replacement for the DIN 3440 approvals previously obtained for the range.

The 3200i Series also has FM (Factory Mutual) approval in the United States which is a similar standard to EN14597 TW.

3200i Series indicators make an excellent choice for companies shipping products into the EU/US or OEMs who supply into Europe or the United States.

How can we help you meet these quality requirements?

  • Business focus on regulations for industrial process at all levels in Eurotherm
  • Global involvement with Heat Treatment industry
  • High capability manufacturing and service quality systems
  • Full range of field test instrumentation, control, monitoring and recording instruments
  • Products and services designed to help you meet the requirements of AMS2750E & CQI-9
  • High performance products to meet requirements of System Accuracy Tests (SATs)
  • Compliance with demands for maintenance of electronic records and electronic signatures
  • World renown control to aid Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS)
  • Advice and support documentation to aid the understanding of specifications

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