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I’ve got to ask the question: Why are we still using paper?

In today’s technological world, this question has boggled me for years but I suppose there are some out there who strictly follow the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. However, if we are not trying to optimize current applications by:

  1. Saving money
  2. Obtaining more accurate results
  3. Easy in daily use

Then why are we still using a strip chart recorders in new applications?

Today, there is a growing importance in having unalterable data, something of which is not typically found in strip chart / paper recorders today. In addition to this, the technology behind these devices is decades old with little to no modernization effort put before them. Let’s just consider a few obvious points when dealing with strip chart recorders:

  1. Charts: These are consumables which will become an ongoing expense with years to come.
  2. Pens: Can be messy, can go bad from being stored on a shelf too long, and like paper, they will be an ongoing expense.
  3. Storage: Paper charts consume space, subject to environment deterioration, and more importantly, susceptible to alteration.

Let’s jump into the 21st century where we have beautiful data recording devices such as the 6100 series graphical / data recorder and the nanodac ™, a recorder and controller in ¼ din box. Not only do both devices exceed AMS2750D and AMS2750E specifications, they also provide an excellent crisp display, unalterable data, a multitude of math, communication , and functional capabilities that should not only make them a no brainer for paper replacements but a clear choice for  your data recording needs all together.

Still need paper? Why not print the charts when needed? Using our free review software, you can download data from either device via USB or Ethernet and print the charts that you need when you want them. Choose what gets printed over what interval you need and if you are looking for a more customized report, consider our Dream Report software package which will generate the ideal report for your needs.

Upgrading from strip chart to graphical recorders is easy. The 6100A series is a direct form fitting replacement for many strip charts out there (144mm x 144mm) with up to 18 channels, crisp touch screen, and batch functionality. Likewise with the nanodac ™, you can utilize an adapter plate which will fit the same cutout mentioned (144mm x 144mm), and gives you 4 analog inputs with crisp TFT display, and control functionality.

Bottom line: Both the 6100A and nanodac will not only meet the same requirements found in current strip charts, but will well exceed them, and save you a considerable amount of money at the same time

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