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Eurotherm® is pleased to announce EurothermSuite™ is now integrated with AVEVA™ 2020 R2 P01 software.

The software is available through new order codes, which will enable downloading and licensing of both the Eurotherm PAC and AVEVA software without the need for any physical shipment.

Order Codes

The entire EurothermSuite will now use updated order codes for the provision of the downloadable software, including:

  • Operations Server and Viewer, with new order codes OPS, OPSU and OPSV
  • Information Manager, with new order codes INF, INFU and INFV
  • Historian Client, with new order codes HCL, HCLU and HCLV
  • Eurotherm Project Studio, with new order codes EPS and EPSU
  • Eurotherm Project Developer / Process Viewer, with new order codes PVW, PVWU and PVWV

Note: From AVEVA 2020 onwards, the software will only be available as a software download from the AVEVA and Eurotherm public websites respectively.


The new order codes are available from Thursday 13th October 2022.

Technical support

For Technical Support: to contact us for advice, either by telephone or via email please contact your local Eurotherm Helpdesk.