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Earlier this week David Pye wrote an article on Carbon Control for the MTI Weekly Hot ENews! – David is MTI’s official Metallurgical Consultant and his company is Metallurgical Consultants, Inc. The article describes the early use of carburizing and how is all came about (4000 years ago!) and also describes how Carbon content is controlled today with the most popular gas analysis being provided by an Oxygen Probe.

A brief excerpt from the article is shown below:

“Control of the furnace atmosphere (not just for carburizing) is almost mandatory. Perhaps the most popular method of process gas analysis is that of the use of the Oxygen Probe. The probe readings can be displayed either by the milli-volt reading or by the more common practice of a direct readout of carbon potential. (Remember also that the oxygen probe requires a mandatory burn out every 8 hours or so).
Control of the furnace atmosphere is one of the major controlling factors that will determine the quality the achieved surface metallurgy for carburizing.”

Eurotherm have carried on the development of Carbon Control and now have really neat solutions that link Online Carbon Diffusion along with Gas 3-IR Technology to give the ‘best’ solution for Carbon Control, this is also complemented by Software packages that Simulate Carbon diffusion offline (refer to highlighted part of the picture showing the Eurotherm development of carbon control solutions over time).

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