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Temperature Control Applications

For over 50 years Eurotherm have specialised in manufacturing temperature and process control instrumentation which improve process efficiency and product quality while minimising waste due to their high accuracy PID algorithms. Eurotherm temperature control application solutions include single and multi-loop controllers, indicator and alarm units and associated software.


Thermal loop solutions: a path to improved performance, sustainability and compliance in heat treatment

Heat treatment thermal loop solutions provide several sustainability benefits, including reduced energy consumption and waste. The power controller regulates the...

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Additive Dosing Control using the nanodac

Control the dosing level of a liquid or gasThis application note describes how the nanodac can be used to control...

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Temperature Control Accuracy for Primary Standards

ISOTECH is at the forefront of temperature calibration equipment and services, and its products are used in the world’s leading...

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Industrial Automation Applications using PID Control

Eurotherm 3000 Series FeaturesWhether it’s for excellence in control, ease of use or its flexible and creative solutions, the 3000...

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Eurotherm control knowledge aids equipment manufacturer with distillery solution

Irish whiskey manufacturingEurotherm has been working in collaboration with equipment manufacturer Green Engineering to provide a distillery for the production...

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Temperature Control of the Barley Malting Process

Using the nanodac Controller / Recorder to achieve accurate temperature controlThis application note is to briefly describe the malting process...

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Simple Master/Slave Control for Multi-Zone Applications

There are many applications in furnace design where the designer is tasked with providing a thermally consistent flat zone within the...

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Ratio Control – Some of its applications and imperfections

The three techniques noted below have achieved largely acceptable fuel/air mixing at reasonable cost:Proportional mixer, where a controlled stream of...

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Ramp and Soak Applications

A newly built 50 zone rubber-curing oven during start up suffered severe distortion and buckling of the metal work. A...

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Control of Cement Consistometer

Using the nanodac to measure and control the consistency of a material such as cementThis application note describes how the...

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Ceram Research

Benefits in the drying process from modern digital control methodsThe continuous drive for improved manufacturing methods in the drying process...

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3216 & Plastic Chillers

The 3216 has been successfully implemented as a Chiller controller in the USA plastic market.Please see the list of selling...

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