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Highly trained Technical Support Representatives and Engineers available globally

Eurotherm provides comprehensive telephone and email customer support to assist your in-house engineers and technicians if a problem arises. Highly trained Technical Support Representatives and Engineers are located in Technical Centres around the world to help provide you with the service level you require for your system. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) may include the following remote services:

  • Technical Telephone Support: Access to the Eurotherm Technical Helpdesk during office hours
  • Extended support outside normal office hours from technical experts
  • Remote Access Diagnostics to provide the ability to remotely connect our experts to provide on-line diagnostic assistance or performance monitoring
  • Speedy expedition for time-sensitive/emergency issues through formal escalation process
  • Web based support

Whether you contact us by email, telephone or facsimile, you can be assured of the same prioritisation and expert level of support. Our highly trained Technical Support personnel are ready to answer your questions and help to accurately diagnose and resolve issues. They have access to additional technical support resources as appropriate, including our formidable R&D departments and leading technology/application experts. Callers will be asked to confirm identity, telephone number and contract status for security reasons and should be prepared to describe the specific situation in detail, including what equipment is affected, software versions in use, what application is involved and what steps have already been attempted to solve the issue.

We take your support very seriously and a formal call management quality procedure is utilised. All calls have a Ticket raised which will remain open until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached and there is an escalation procedure if the problem persists including involving appropriate technical experts, teams of engineers and Response to Site services as required.

Assistance LevelSituation Handling
1. Call Centre EngineerGood ‘turnaround’ skills with knowledge across a broad range of hardware and software.
 Initial issue assessment:
 – Safety or environmentally sensitive
 – Time sensitive
 – Involves essential or non-essential function
 – Operational error
 – Known product defect with resolution
 – Determine if needs raising to Level Two
 – 70% reported issues resolved at this level
 – Mission is to provide quick resolution of problems as they are reported 
2. Call Centre Manager and Field Service TeamMore specialised systems knowledge. These engineers determine:
 – Lifecycle phase of product and whether this impacts how to move toward a resolution
 – Safety/production loss situation
 – What escalation is required
 – What additional resources need to be engaged – material, remote specialists, on-site support.
 – Application related problem 
3. Call Centre Manager and Application EngineeringThese engineers specialise in product applications and their interaction with other systems or products. They handle:
 – Complex problems involve software, hardware products & system level deficiencies
 – Provide extensive analysis & research to develop test cases of problem
 – Retain responsibility & ensure resolution 
4. Product Specialists and R&DThese resources collaborate with the Service Support organisation to resolve critical issues that typically result in a future release fix or service pack. They replicate the Product Specialists problem, identify root cause and develop work-around or and R&D software correction.

Consistent, reliable, professional support

All our technical support personnel undergo extensive ongoing training to maintain and increase understanding of new and older products, product and system performance, production process knowledge and communication skills to help effectively and expediently resolve problems. All issues enter our support system at the same level but we use a tiered response strategy to ensure a situation is dealt with at the correct response level.

Different response levels require different product and support expertise, therefore the specialists dealing with a particular problem may change as the issue level is raised. If, however, an issue goes beyond level two, the Call Centre Manager still owns the problem and is charged with obtaining a suitable resolution in the time frame specified, ensuring you receive a consistent, reliable resolution to any issue.

Whatever the issue, our aim is provide an efficient and effective resolution in the shortest possible timescale to keep your processes running. Our Technical Support Centres are manned by highly trained, highly professional personnel who are supported by specialist hardware, software and application engineers. We continually evolve and review our support systems and procedures to ensure we give the best possible support to our customers.

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