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The scalability the versadac recorder offers makes it a naturally versatile product but it contains many features which can add additional flexibility, value and efficiency.

View data where you want to

Recorded data from the versadac recorder can be viewed anywhere on the network or, using EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor Director, anywhere from a web-enabled device. In addition, you may choose to use the versatile Optivis operator panel to provide a local operator interface. This device provides a high quality touchscreen interface with standard and customised views of the process, enabling the user to efficiently monitor and review process details. It can also be used as a data entry point for operator notes or batch information and can be installed in a place that is most convenient for operator efficiency.

Recording by batch

You can use up to 30 separate groups within the versadac recorder and each one is capable of running a batch – that’s up to 30 simultaneous batches to manage multiple processes or machine zones. Each of these can be independently started or stopped and automatic actions configured to trigger on a start or stop event, for example driving a relay. Up to 10 fields of data can be configured for entry of details about each batch with information auto-filled or entered by an operator.

Powerful configuration tool

iTools configuration software is a powerful tool that gives you the flexibility to configure sophisticated applications in an easy-to-use application. Drag and place graphical wiring ensures quick configuration development while standard, pre-tested application blocks minimize overall engineering time required. Configuration templates can be copied and stored to optimize the installation of multiple instruments and to ensure rapid changeover should a unit need to be replaced.

Further data processing

versadac has powerful features that enable you to further process measured data to give you the information you need to see, record and control exactly what is happening with your process. Mathematical functions can be used to determine process values (such as difference between two temperatures or maximum temperature reached) while logical functions and timers can be used to create dependent events and trigger specific actions.

Pre-engineered application blocks are also available to quickly create configurations. These include a steriliser block, MKT, relative humidity, saturated steam mass flow, saturated steam heat flow and saturated steam heat consumed.

Comprehensive alarming and notification capability

versadac recorders provide comprehensive alarming capability which can be easily configured using the iTools software. Alarms can be used to automatically trigger events, such as sending an email, placing a message on the operator panel or driving an output relay, to ensure rapid operator notification of a process situation.

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