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Network Monitoring Service

Real-time performance monitoring of control system networks to help keep communications running smoothly.

Network monitoring service

Our network monitoring service for Eurotherm systems helps to ensure the high availability of your critical control and automation assets. Control system communications in both physical and virtual operational technology (OT) infrastructures can be monitored, alerting us to performance issues and enabling fast resolution management.

What is network monitoring?

Network monitoring involves the measurement and tracking of network communications. For example, response time and availability data can be automatically analyzed and reported. In industrial manufacturing environments, IT/OT maintenance personnel can be alerted to issues in advance, enabling resolution with minimal interruption to production processes.

Why is network monitoring important for industrial control systems?

It’s often a challenge for plant maintenance personnel to find the source of performance issues impacting SCADA systems. With Eurotherm network monitoring service, the root cause can be defined by response-time and availability checks as part of our communication performance metrics for your networked devices. These real-time detections and diagnostics help to accelerate the identification and solution of communication problems, enabling performance optimization of your OT infrastructure.

As part of a Eurotherm service level agreement (SLA), our network monitoring service helps to transform industrial control system maintenance from a reactive to a proactive approach. Communication bottlenecks can be identified, and advanced warning provided to increase the time available for resolution, enabling your networked devices and SCADA to perform effectively and efficiently.

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