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Re-engineered Mini8 loop controller

Updated to our latest and best technology built around modern microprocessors and cybersecurity standards

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Do you want improved performance with more features?

We are maintaining what makes the Mini8 loop controller great, while enhancing its control capability. Now with the latest generation of high-performance single loop and cascade loop controls both pre-packaged for the user and both with autotune to minimize commissioning and engineering time.

  • More processing power, more function blocks, and faster communications
  • More loops can be handled in a single box, with improved input accuracy
  • Native EtherCAT with full ETG.5003.2060 support for semiconductor fabrication equipment
  • Backwards compatibility, along with battery-free design helps reduce environmental impact
  • Re-engineered around IIoT and cybersecurity best practices to support “defence in depth” strategies

The updated model offers better all-round performance through new technologies, as well as state-of-the-art functions for overshoot reduction in response to temperature disturbances, and true cascade control.

Fast response to process disturbances helps maximize production throughput

Introducing Eurotherm SuperLoop PID control blocks

SuperLoop technology provides a simple, consistent, interface to Eurotherm enhanced PID functions

  • Encapsulating both single and cascade control modes in a single function block, with autotune
  • In single loop mode, the SuperLoop provides state-of-the art PID control performance, with over and undershoot inhibition and full auto-tuning
  • Each SuperLoop may be used in cascade mode with auto-tune, when the option is purchased. Use of cascade can simplify applications where there are lags or disturbances
  • Option to add 8 additional SuperLoop blocks with hardware support. External I/O via Ethernet or EtherCAT
  • Mini8 loop controller contains 24 SuperLoop blocks, 16 using Mini8 I/O boards plus 8 using remote communications

SuperLoop technology optimizes time to working temperature

SuperLoop technology provides fast rise to setpoint with minimal oscillation and overshoot. This reduces the time that the process is not operating at the optimal temperature, increasing utilization of expensive furnaces by achieving working temperature as quickly as possible.

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Retaining the features that you love

  • Highly cost-effective, repeatable precision control in a compact package
  • Modular hardware with a focus on analog control excellence
  • IEC 61131 function block wiring for flexible applications, simple or complex
  • Many communication options for machine connectivity
  • Existing I/O unchanged

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