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Install only what you need and easily upgrade if you need to

The versadac scalable recorder is designed so you can install a recording solution that is optimal for your process requirements. In the event that you need more I/O or additional software features in the future, the recorder can be simply modified in the field. Additional I/O and new software options can be quickly and easily enabled and then configured using the iTools software with no need to return the unit to the factory or contact a service engineer.

Reducing engineering costs

The versadac recorder is designed to offer powerful functionality with straight forward engineering to reduce your initial and ongoing costs. The iTools configuration software offers graphical wiring of toolkit blocks and some common, specific application blocks are ready for you to use straight away – including mean kinetic temperature (MKT), a cycle based steriliser block and steam flow calculations. Furthermore, iTools can store and copy configurations for easy re-use or quick service replacement.

Easy integration

The versadac recorder has selection of communications protocols to ensure it can be easily integrated into a wider system.

The unit can further support up to 32 slave devices and offers up to 250 communications channels with 30 independent groups for recording data.

With the flexible communications options offered, end users and systems integrators can easily add features such as batch control, advanced (21CFR Part 11) security, MKT, steam flow calculations and a secure audit trail, which are not normally available on a PLC network

  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Modbus Slave or Master TCP or RTU
  • EtherNet/IP Client or Server
  • FTP
  • Web Server

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