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Temperature Control Accuracy for Primary Standards

Isothermal Technology Ltd (ISOTECH)

Why ISOTECH, a world leader in temperature calibration and temperature metrology equipment, exclusively uses Eurotherm temperature control.

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ISOTECH is at the forefront of temperature calibration equipment and services, and its products are used in the world’s leading national laboratories. The company exclusively uses Eurotherm temperature control in its products because of the need for precision, accuracy and repeatability.

Measurement and control of temperature is an interesting subject when you consider it is used in almost every industry. Whether for the production of aircraft parts, medicines, paint, food, semiconductors, tarmac or glass, temperature accuracy during processing can have a significant impact on final product quality. In areas such as power stations and buildings, efficient temperature control can help reduce energy costs and emissions. As we demand higher quality, increased safety, better reliability, and lower environmental impact, the story of temperature management is evolving, driving continued development and innovation in its measurement and control.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for over 35 years, whose focus on innovation has been recognised with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, ISOTECH sees the use of Eurotherm temperature controllers in its products as a clear benefit to its customers. With equipment in many of the world’s leading metrology facilities, their product range usage covers industrial through to primary laboratories.

“The combination of Eurotherm and ISOTECH expertise enables us to provide the accuracy and precision required to meet the needs of metrology primary standards and leading national standards laboratories.”

David Southworth,

VP Global Sales and Marketing at ISOTECH


Provide temperature control for calibration equipment, with the required accuracy and precision to meet the needs of commercial users and national metrology institutes. Customized to meet specific application needs.


Temperature controllers ranging from simple controllers, to units with advanced features and graphic interfaces. Customized to meet specific precision, form and interface needs.

  • 3200 Series single loop PID controllers
  • nanodac™ recorder/controller with color HMI


A range of high stability, accurate temperature calibration and measurement equipment. From basic to advanced units for use in commercial applications and world-leading national standards laboratories.

A strong partnership with a temperature control company that understands and supports ISOTECH business needs.

Customization for Specific Applications

Eurotherm products are customized to meet the requirements of ISOTECH calibration solutions, such as:

  • Primary Standard Metrology Furnaces
  • Secondary Laboratory Calibration Baths
  • Industrial Calibrators
  • Portable Calibration Units
  • Thermocouple Reference Units
  • Infrared Calibrators

Innovation and Expertise

Eurotherm has a programme of continuous product development and is at the forefront of temperature control technology. The nanodac recorder/controller received an award for innovation thanks to its combination of Eurotherm precision PID control and tamper resistant data recording in a single device. Consequently, ISOTECH equipment enjoys the benefits from Eurotherm technological advances.

  • Accuracy and precision to meet required primary and national standards
  • Integrated, intuitive operator interfaces
  • Wide range of flexible solutions to meet the needs of basic and advanced units within ISOTECH ranges

Eurotherm has always responded to our needs, whether that be changes to firmware to provide an additional decimal place for increased precision or a customized display to ensure straightforward operation of our products.

Eurotherm is not just a supplier to us, it is very much a partner that understands and helps our business.

“Looking to the future, our relationship with Eurotherm is one of the most valuable to our business. We have had nothing but happy experiences working with the Eurotherm teams and are proud to be associated with its business.”

David Southworth,

VP Global Sales and Marketing at ISOTECH

Long Term Support for a Strong Future

ISOTECH has used Eurotherm solutions in its products for over 30 years. The company considers Eurotherm to be a world-leader in temperature control, and a partner of choice that brings real benefits to its product ranges. After all, world-leading temperature calibration equipment requires world leading temperature measurement and control.

Eurotherm OEM Services

Eurotherm offers efficient and cost-effective services to meet the needs of OEMs including:

  • OEM Branding
  • Pre-set Configurations
  • Customized Displays
  • Hardware and Software Customization
  • ‘OEM Security’ Features to Help Protect Intellectual Property

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