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Stainless Steel Foundry – Furnace Control


Company: Stainless Steel Foundry

Industry: Heat Treatment

Customer Group: End User

Project / Application: Furnace / Oven Control (Desk Design)

Customer Challenge: Cost effective control solution

Features, Solutions & Services Provided:
  • Precision control
  • Batch Management
  • Real time display and parameterization
  • Recording of the actual parameters and definition of the process of manufacturing
  • Simplified spare parts
  • Remote visualization using the Web server during the hazardous operations
  • Supply of products: E+PLC400 Combination PLC and E+HMI150 Panel

Customer Benefits:

  • Programming software for display and PLC
  • Simplified screen layout and cabling
  • PLC, control and data logging in one product
  • Simplified purchasing from a single supplier instead of three (Controller, HMI and PLC)

Additional Information:

The furnaces perform heat treatment of valve bodies intended for the Oil & Gas market