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It doesn’t always make sense to scrap existing systems and start again.

Eurotherm can offer you a plant automation solution that can meet your production targets for today and for tomorrow while making best use of existing plant technology.

When a distillery wants to upgrade or extend its process automation system, Eurotherm can help it to move to the latest technology one step at a time without the need to scrap existing systems. Using AVEVA System Platform (Powered by Wonderware), your distillery can have a single software platform that integrates existing SCADA, Supervisory HMI, MES and ERP systems into a unified solution that can grow as your business grows.

  • Detailed understanding of distillery plant requirements
  • Reduce energy costs with integrated energy monitoring and by optimising production efficiency
  • Consistent product quality – leading automation software keeps product within specification at all times
  • Advanced control and automation capability to enhance and grow production capacity when you need to
  • Expert project management to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery of the system you need

System Platform will bring together every aspect of your existing distillery automation systems, unify them to provide a common operator interface, and provide you with a solution that has many advanced options to ensure your future production aspirations can be easily met.

Eurotherm can engineer a solution that will bring together all existing plant communication systems, SCADA systems, PLCs, other control loops and automation products. The system will allow you to add in additional levels such as an advanced manufacturing execution system
(MES), model-based predictive control (MPC), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems either straight away or at a time in the future when your business demands it.

  • Single operator interface for existing systems
  • Fully scalable solution
  • Integrate all enterprise wide automation and business systems now or in the future
  • Integrate all 3rd party I/O
  • Choose from a wide selection of Eurotherm control and automation solutions including discrete controllers, data acquisition solutions, process automation controllers (PAC) and PLCs or, if you prefer, use 3rd party technology

A Eurotherm solution will not tie you to a single manufacturer. You will be able to grow and enhance your production facility how and when you want to.

Advanced control and operator interfaces will help to make your distillery more efficient, optimize energy use, ensure you maintain the highest quality, and keep your plant secure and resilient for the future.

  • Comprehensive, local support with a support level agreement tailored to match your needs
  • Expert engineering capability to exactly meet your needs
  • Proven technology to enhance production efficiency
  • Re-use of existing assets to ensure best value engineering
  • Completely scalable so you can do as much or as little as you want to and grow when you need to

For more information about the solutions we offer to help enhance distillery production and efficiency, please email

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