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Eurotherm Data Reviewer

Explore Your Process Data Anytime, Anywhere

Display, analyze, print and share historical data files how you want to, when you want to

Eurotherm Data Reviewer is a software application designed for the viewing, analysis and printing of historical data files acquired from Eurotherm data acquisition equipment such as, but not limited to:

  • Paperless graphical recorders – 6000 series
  • Hybrid recorders/controllers – nanodac™ recorder/controller range
  • Programmable Automation Controllers – T2750 PAC

Data Reviewer Foundation Edition is free

For Technical Support please contact the Eurotherm Helpdesk on

Tel: +44 (0) 1903 695777 or by email

Please note: Message only history files that contain no Process Values are not supported in this version (V1.0.3) of Eurotherm Data Reviewer. For further information please refer to the ‘ReadMe’ file prior to installation”

Click here to download

A Bit of History

Eurotherm first introduced paperless data logging on the 4200 series recorder in 1993 using a proprietary PKD file format. Since then, Eurotherm has introduced electronic records on a wide range of its products using an enhanced higher integrity file format containing improved metadata, known as UHH. Eurotherm Data Reviewer is capable of reading UHH files from any of these devices.

Data Viewing Styles

  • Horizontal linear chart
  • Circular chart
  • CSV export

Find Data Quickly

Imported data is automatically organized by group and batch. Data can be refined further by changing the data range, searching for recording devices by name/recording group from automatically generated lists, or simply start typing in the name of the device/record.

Analyze Data More Efficiently with a Dual Cursor Mode

A single line cursor, positioned within the chart area, presents process variable details for the visible channels at that point on the timeline. A second vertical cursor can be used to select a data range on which to perform analysis

Easily Approve Data for Release

Annotations, such as comments or authorization signatures can be added at any point during the analysis. The annotation is subsequently stored alongside the original data for easy retrieval at a later date

Foundation Edition

Enterprise Edition

Access Data More Easily

Historical data can be imported automatically from Ethernet capable devices or direct from a local FTP Server. Batch charts can be automatically printed to a specified printer, upon batch completion. The frequency at which data is transferred can be set by the system administrator.

Foundation Versus Enterprise Edition

Eurotherm Data Reviewer offers two variants, Foundation Edition for small stand-alone instrument networks, and Enterprise Edition, a server based version with unrestricted database size and multi user access

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Eurotherm Data Reviewer Foundation Edition Requirements

Eurotherm Data Reviewer Enterprise Edition Requirements

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