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Power Control Applications


Additive Dosing Control using the nanodac

Control the dosing level of a liquid or gasThis application note describes how the nanodac can be used to control...

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EPower – Electricity Generation Client Energy Management

“Company executives estimate that the solution will reduce energy costs by improving overall process efficiency by as much as 10%”...

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EPower – Kanthal Heat Manufacturer, Sweden

“The concept is that the EPower ™ instrument will be sold in conjunction with Kanthal Super heaters as a solution...

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EPower – Energy Management in Buildings

This is an exciting application for Eurotherm because it offers a solution to building energy savings. This problem is encountered...

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EPower – Renewable Energy Solar energy management

The LTC solution vastly improves the power factor. In real terms it could provide huge cost savings ahead of expected...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPack and EPower

Company: Manufacturer of lighting systems and traffic engineering facilitiesIndustry: Building AutomationCustomer Group: End UserProject / Application: Control of high pressure...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPower & Predictive Load Management

Company: Automotive Parts Processor Industry: Heat TreatmentProject / Application: Replacement thyristor power switch and load sequencer – vacuum carburizing furnaceCustomer Challenge: Modernize power control...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPack, Controllers & Recorders

Company: Provider of process control, automation, instrumentation and environmental engineering solutionsIndustry: Composite Curing for Aerospace Composites (aircraft wings)Customer Group: System Integrator...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPower & Mini8

Company: Equipment manufacturer specialist in heat treatment of bulk solids and gasesIndustry: Food & BeverageCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Electrical heating and control optimizationCustomer...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPack

Company: Tyre manufacturer in automotive industryIndustry: Heat TreatmentCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Power control for Electrical “Vulcanization” PressCustomer Challenge: Compare steam press technology against electrical...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPower 2

Company: Specialists in control and automation solutionsIndustry: Energy Generation from Recycled WasteCustomer Stream: OEMProject / Application: Heating ControlCustomer Challenge: Stable heatingFeatures, Solutions & Services Provided:Precision...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPower

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