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Furnace Control Applications


Carburising and Quench Control

Atmosphere Probe DiagnosticsSooting AlarmBy careful analysis of the furnace temperature and carbon potential it is possible to determine when the atmospheric conditions are such...

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High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

High temperature vacuum furnaces are used to manufacture silicon carbide tubes and rings, which are used in high quality bearings.Due...

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Furnace Styles

Types of applicationsAtmosphere (batch & continuous)Vacuum (batch & continuous)Furnace StyleBoxPitMechanized box (integral quench)BellSalt bathGantryTip-upCar-bottomMesh-belt conveyorCast-link conveyorRoller hearthFurnace StylePusherWalking beamRotary drumRotary...

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Atmosphere Furnace Control Using the 3500

The 3500 is a fully programmable controllerThe 3500 is a fully programmable controller suitable for precision control of temperature, carbon...

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Atmosphere Furnace Control Using the 2704

2704CPThe 2704CP is a fully programmable controller suitable for precision control of temperature, carbon potential, dewpoint and oxygen in atmosphere heat treatment...

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Dual Hearth Retort Furnace Control

Thermal gradient or Delta TemperatureThe characteristics of a retorted furnace cause the furnace temperature to be 5 to 10 degrees...

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Creep Testing Furnace

To meet the demands of specific applications, steel and other alloys are produced in a wide variety of material conditions...

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Rising energy costs and Furnace Energy Optimisation

What is Furnace Energy Optimisation?Furnace Energy Optimisation is a methodology in heat treat industry for calculating uniform work load temperature,...

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Furnace Temperature Control and Programming

Achieving optimum temperature controlOptimum temperature control is achieved using an independent furnace sensor. The heat control output can either be...

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Furnace Atmosphere Control

Understanding Furnace controlsA zirconia probe is used to measure very low concentrations of % oxygen in the furnace, typically less...

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Heat Treatment Batch Furnace Control with E+PLC400

A system integrator chose the Eurotherm™ E+PLC400 with E+HMI150 for the retrofit of an 18 ton load furnace control system used to...

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