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Searching for batch data in paper records can be time consuming.

With E+PLC, process and metadata associated with a batch can be captured using easily configurable function blocks in the Eurotherm library. Just search by batch code in Eurotherm Review Software for quick retrieval of the data.

  • Efficient handling of batch data with intuitive search facility
  • Simple traceability of operator actions in the batch
  • Batch recording automatically recovers after power interruptions
  • Compatible with ISA S88 batch control standard

Eurotherm Batch Manager Function Blocks include:

✓ Recording of batch start/stop time and operator names

✓ Custom metadata such as product ID’s, customer information and unique batch identifiers

The batch function can be called from the data recording management library by command buttons or sequences, to record relevant messages into tamper resistant history files. For example, the status of equipment can be logged to provide end-ofbatch information, such as the energy used by a connected EPack power controller.

Batch Start and Stop records can be triggered from any language (FBD, LD, ST etc.) in any work flow and can easily be added to the tamper resistant recorded history files. The application designer can configure all recorded parameters such as batch field names, to provide an application specific solution

“The impact of having recording built into the E+PLC range is valuable to us because it offers our customer a more economical data acquisition solution.”

System Integration Engineer

”We really like the flexibility of the visualization. We can overlay the trend traces to compare the process to the programmed temperature profile, and record it all to review at a later date if we need to.”

System Integration Engineer

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