SSM1/SSM2 DIN Rail Mount SSRs 12mm and 18mm width

Ready to use “Plug and play”

  • Modular design of IP 20 housing and built-in heat sink for optimized operating conditions.
  • Easy mounting on standard 35 mm/1.378 in. DIN rail with a secure mounting latch.

Compact design

  • Requires less panel space due to slim width and thus reduces the size of your enclosures.
  • Optimized modular design available in 11 and 18 mm width with load output current of 6 and 12 A.
  • Wide choice of relays with single-phase and three-phase options and current ratings from 6 A to 12 A.
  • Zero Voltage switching for resistive loads.
  • UL and cUL approved including the general purpose and motor controller rating standards.