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Schneider Electric updates the nanodac Recorder/Controller with BACnet connectivity and steam flow computation to monitor energy usage in building management systems.

Original Press Release: October 12 2017

Eurotherm™ by Schneider Electric™ launches the latest nanodac™ Recorder/Controller which combines recording and control for specialist applications and regulated industries. The updated nanodac device also provides batch and electronic signature functions in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 for validated pharmaceutical applications, for food safety compliance including the requirements of the US Food Safety Modernization Act, and for regulated applications in aerospace and automotive industries.

Cost effective saturated steam and mass flow computations for use in energy monitoring applications in building and factory automation

  • Integrated saturated steam and mass flow computation provides monitoring of energy usage in buildings or plants.
  • Using the BACnet™ protocol, the nanodac Recorder/Controller can be easily integrated into a Building Management System (BMS) for applications such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting and access control.
  • Proven data integrity and GAMP templates help to simplify validation and auditing processes, with electronic signing and authorisation in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 for regulated industries
  • Tamper resistant recording methodology and powerful batch functionality aid data security and traceability.

Customers can get their data in the way they need it

Fast straightforward Ethernet communications via the BACnet protocol allow easy integration into a Building Management System. For industrial applications, the nanodac instrument can also be supplied with EtherNet/IP™ connectivity providing support for either Client or Server modes of operation, as well as Modbus/TCP.

On a recent visit to a cheese maker in France, the owner commented “the nanodac solution offered us the control we needed as well as recording data straight from our process in the way we needed for our Food Safety Management system.”

Maintaining data integrity and traceable records that are easily accessible

Recording and reporting of data is vital in order to meet critical process monitoring across regulated industries and to provide additional benefits such as the analysis of data to enable process improvements in energy usage, efficiency or predictive maintenance.

Christopher Ashworth, VP & Managing Director, Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric said “the nanodac Recorder saves time and simplifies reporting and the audit process with digital batch recording and electronic signatures. This aids data integrity compliance with GAMP, Nadcap and HACCP/HARPC requirements.”

Recording the details of a batch process is critical for understanding and reacting to deviations from defined limits. Data is easily retrievable from the nanodac Recorder for assessment by operators or quality engineers. Software for reviewing historical files can focus on where problems occurred and show all operator and alarm messages. The reviewing software also allows digital signatures to be added to the batch for sign off.

Improve product quality and reduce production costs with precision control

Proven over many years of use, the Eurotherm PID algorithm used in the nanodac Recorder/Controller delivers industry-leading response time to set point change or process disturbance, including a cascade function. Repeatable control increases process yield and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) while reducing scrap. High precision measurements allow tight process tolerances to be met easily. Designed for robustness with a three year warranty as standard, the Eurotherm nanodac Recorder/Controller will deliver high quality production, batch after batch, year after year.


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