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Eurotherm by Schneider Electric™ is proud to announce that Eurotherm in Nordics was successful in reaching Gold level accreditation with Investors in People. This is a great accomplishment and a leap forward from the standard level the team reached in 2018. It reflects the importance that Schneider Electric attribute to their people, to ensure their wellbeing and engagement throughout the whole organization.

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Eurotherm exceeded in three key areas to achieve gold status

Eurotherm performance as an employer was assessed against the globally recognized Investors in People framework. This model looked at how well the company leads and supports its employees compared to the competitors in the automation industry.

To achieve the Gold accreditation, Eurotherm Nordics had to exceed in three key areas:

  • Leading: The company proved to be a great leader, capable of motivating and inspiring its employees. The whole of Eurotherm Nordics team is enthusiastic about reaching common goals and works with organizational values in mind.
  • Supporting: Eurotherm Nordics showed excellent ability to manage and structure the work of their team, while always remembering to recognize / reward high performance.
  • Improving: Lastly, Eurotherm Nordics put great effort in ensuring continuous improvement and creating sustainable success by effectively adapting to the ever-changing world.

Eurotherm Nordics journey towards the Gold accreditation

Since achieving a Standard level accreditation in 2018, Eurotherm in Nordics have focused primarily on communication and wellbeing initiatives.

With difficult challenges faced during the last year, across the world, Eurotherm Nordics still managed the Investors in People assessment process although IIP visits were not possible this year. Despite the challenges of working from home, regular digital meetings and initiatives like WIMC (What’s In My Control), physical as well as mental wellbeing, focus on nutrition, physical activity and work/life balance contributed to excellent feedback from employees. Eurotherm were able to successfully complete the necessary surveys and interviews, leaving the results unaffected and proving the company’s resilience and robustness.

Commenting on the award, Sven-Inge Gullstrand, Managing Director of Eurotherm Nordics, said: “This is great feedback from the team that the changes we have made and the initiatives we have been driving continue to make Eurotherm a truly great company to work for and it engages people in the whole organization.”

Chris Ashworth, VP & General Manager, commented: “It is a significant accomplishment for Eurotherm Nordics to be awarded with the Gold level accreditation. This is truly a great achievement and a brilliant example set by the Nordics team for the rest of Eurotherm. I believe that our business success relies on two key things: our innovation as a company and our people. We have a talented and knowledgeable employee base globally who have made Eurotherm the great company that it is today.”

What are Investors in People?

Investors in People is a UK-based organization formed in 1991, which started a standard for people management, offering accreditations to businesses that adhere to the standard. The award levels include Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The organization believes that business success begins and ends with people. For this reason, investing in people is not only the right thing to do, it’s proven to be essential in delivering sustainable results. According to Investors in People, companies that lead, support and develop their workforce effectively are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable.

Over the last 30 years, Investors in People have helped over 15,000 organizations across 75 countries to make work better. Only 17% of their accredited organizations achieve Gold.

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, said: “We’d like to congratulate Eurotherm Nordics. Gold accreditation on ‘We Invest in People’ is a fantastic effort for any organization, and places Eurotherm Nordics in fine company with a host of organizations that understand the value of people”.

Download the full Press Release document here.

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