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Eurotherm Launches New Paperless Graphic Recorder Series

Original Press Release: 9 December 2005

Eurotherm, a leading manufacturer of industrial instrumentation for process control and data acquisition products, has announced its latest family of data recording solutions. The 6000 series sets new standards for ease of use, ease of configuration, data security and adaptability. The series initially consists of two advanced graphical (paperless) recorder models supported by a wide range of hardware and software options. It replaces the earlier, widely used Eurotherm 5000V series, with full software compatibility and interchangeability.

The 6000 series incorporates the latest innovations in data management, recording and display technology, which makes it the most advanced of its kind. The company’s advanced proprietary data encryption techniques give the 6000 series the most secure data recording currently available, while innovative touch screen displays provide outstanding brightness, clarity, and functionality. In addition, they offer a large number of communications features, options and software tools which make them easily configurable for a wide spectrum of demanding applications across many industries.

Clear, adaptable touch screens are a key feature of the 6000 series, providing intuitive operator interfaces with no complicated button pressing sequences. Not only is menu selection and data entry easy, but the units can be configured with unique user screens that have active areas, process graphics or buttons intermixed. The smaller 6100A uses a digital ¼ VGA color touch screen display, while the larger 6180A uses a larger XGA display (1024×768 pixels) offering higher resolutions and sharper images.

For applications where a touch screen is not the most practical for the process – maybe in a particularly dirty environment – it can be replaced by a ‘Plug & Play’ USB keyboard and mouse. “Plug & Play” USB devices can be interfaced to the unit without complex configuration procedures – a memory stick can be used as an additional data archiving device, or a USB bar code scanner can be used to record bar code information. Every instrument has at least one USB port and two more can optionally be fitted.

The 6000 series can be ordered with varying levels of onboard flash memory – purchase only the amount of memory required for the application. For the case in which a large amount of onboard storage of historical data is required, up to 96 Mbyte of memory can be selected. Removable media choices include Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), and USB memory stick.

One of the most powerful features of the 6000 series is the use of Eurotherm’s Bridge software, which provides the user with a simple connection to the instrument from anywhere that has access to a local or remote network. From the remote connection the user has the potential to carry out any operation that could be performed on the instrument itself. The remote viewing connection has the same look and feel as the instrument display but is independent – so if the user scrolls between screens within the Bridge sessions it will not change the local operator view on the plant floor.

The 6000 series has a number of features that make it easy to install, configure and use. There is a clearly defined upgrade path for existing users of 5000 series instruments, as well as new communication features that make connection to plant networks simple. For existing 5000 series users many functions will appear familiar, since the menu structure and display information on the 6000 follows the format of the 5000. These graphical menus have clear, complete text – making operation simple and easy. Menus are dynamic -showing only features that have been defined and to which the user has authorized access.

The wide portfolio of software options can be trialed on a “Try Before You Buy” basis. Users can select any software option at any time to try for a 30 day period.

The two models are claimed to offer the most powerful and flexible security capability of any data recorder in this class. For FDA validated applications, the 6000 series offers specific strengths, including signed operator comments, integrated audit trail and password element controls. An integral audit trail function is available for complete traceability of configuration and operator actions – ideal for many applications from validated pharmaceutical systems to the heat treatment of metals.

By using Eurotherm’s Security Manager software tool, control of security across multiple recorders is simple to manage and different security strategies can be applied to different zones across the plant. Users can be assigned to one or more of the process zones on an individual basis, and there is no software limit on the number of unique user names and passwords that can be stored, with each user being assigned individual access permissions.

Both instruments have the option of an electronic lock on the media flap. Not only does this provide a basic level of security for the media contained behind the flap, but traceability of access to the media. The flap can only be opened by user password entry and the operation is recorded along with other operator actions if the audit trail is enabled.

Chris King, Global Product Manager for the new series, believes that it is an exceptionally powerful and worthy successor to the previous 5000 series models. He comments: “The 6000 series incorporates all of the proven data recording features of earlier models, plus a number of leading-edge innovations to give it world beating performance. We believe that it is the most advanced, easy to use and versatile data recording solution available today.”

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