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EPack™ Power Controller (1PH): Release of EtherCAT Communication Option and iTools Software V9.80

Eurotherm is pleased to announce the release of native EtherCAT as a communication option on the EPack power controller 1PH and the associated V5.10 firmware, which includes support for the EPack power controller 1PH with EtherCAT option.

This new real time communication protocol will help us to enhance the Eurotherm offer, predominantly for OEM customers in Semiconductor market applications. The EPack power controller with EtherCAT enhances the high level of functionality and configurability for faster integration and optimum efficiency. Native communication helps machine builders to reduce equipment cost without the need for an external gateway and enhances speed and responsiveness of Ethernet communication.

The release of iTools V9.80 adds support for the following device firmware version:

  • EPackECAT V5.10
  • EPC3000 V3.04
  • EPC2000 V2.04
  • 3200 A265
  • 3200i A110
  • versadac V2.37
  • Mini8 V3.00
  • Mini8 A2.97
  • nanodac A5.44 ISOTech Special
  • nanodac A5.47 Alcoa Special

EtherCAT protocol:

  • EtherCAT is the abbreviation of Ethernet for Control Automation Technology.
  • It is a real time protocol down to the I/O level invented by Beckhoff Automation in 2003.
  • EtherCAT is a fast fieldbus used in many applications requiring fast control response, such as motion, test and measurement.
  • It is becoming a communication standard in the latest generation of Semicon process machines.

Supporting Documentation
HA031554 EPack Brochure Issue 5
HA031520 EPack 1PH Data Sheet Issue 8

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