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An Open PLC Designed to Offer Control and Recording

E+PLC is an open standards based PLC platform combined with decades of knowledge in precision PID control and tamper resistant recording, packaged in easy to use function
blocks and libraries for fast implementation.

  • Standard CODESYS® platform
  • No learning curve – standard IEC 61131-3 programming
  • Eurotherm highly respected PID control and tamper resistant recording built in

Accurate Measurement Enables Better Process Performance

  • Aids control precision for process stability
  • Enables consistent repeatability

Precision Control and Setpoint Programmer Enable Efficiency Optimization

  • Reduce processing time
  • Contribute to energy saving and cost reduction
  • Minimize process waste

Tamper Resistant Recording Aids Compliance to Industrial Regulations and Quality Standards

  • Data recorded inside the PLC; minimizes the risk of data loss
  • Backward compatible file formats for long term archiving and retrieval
  • Flexible data management strategies including Batch functionality

A PLC Designed to Offer Faster Integration

  • Reduces product selection time
  • Minimizes engineering time
  • Reduces equipment and wiring costs
  • Provides connectivity features for fast integration with other products

Available as a Product or Fully Engineered System

  • Knowledgeable engineering teams for application specific support
  • Expertise in machine and process control within general and regulated industries
  • Project design, installation and after sales services

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