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Eurotherm is pleased to announce the release of V9.01 Product firmware for the nanodac Recorder/Controller. This release provides enhancements to the Auditor option.


Auditor Enhancements

The Auditor option has been enhanced to provide more flexibility when assigning user roles derived from either Supervisor or Engineer, functionality that was restricted in previous versions. It is now possible to have more than one user derived from Engineer or Supervisor roles.

recorder controller

iTools Engineering Studio

iTools Engineering Studio V9.84 has been released to support the nanodac Recorder/Controller V9.01 or earlier.

Product Tools DVD

Issue 56 of the Product Tools DVD has been updated to support V9.01 for the nanodac Recorder/Controller.


All units shipped after the 25th September 2020 will be shipped with V9.01 installed.

Technical Support

For Technical Support: to contact us for advice, either by telephone or via email please contact your local Eurotherm Helpdesk.

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