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Modbus Master available on the EPC3000 Programmable Controller

Eurotherm is pleased to announce the release of V4.02 product firmware for the EPC3000 Programmable Controllers. V4.02 includes the option for Modbus TCP/RTU Master.

Modbus TCP/IP Master
When enabled, the Modbus Master option allows the EPC3000 Programmable Controller to act as a master to up to three TCP and/or RTU slave devices. To simplify integration with other Eurotherm devices, profiles for EPC2000 Programmable Controllers, EPC3000 Programmable Controllers, EPack™ Compact SCR Power Controllers, EPower™ Controllers and 3200 Series Controllers have been included in this release. A maximum of 32 data points are supported, which are shared amongst the configured slave devices.

Supporting Documentation
HA032952 – EPC3000 Data Sheet Issue 5

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