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EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP Master available on the EPC2000 Programmable Controller

Eurotherm is pleased to announce the release of V3.01 product firmware for the EPC2000 Programmable Controller.

V3.01 supports many new features;

  • EtherNet/IP Server communications,
  • Modbus TCP/IP Master
  • LIN16 function block
  • Zirconia Block

EtherNET/IP Server (TCP/IP)
With the EtherNet/IP Server option, the EPC2000 Programmable Controller can be easily integrated with an existing instrument network to provide precision control to a PLC. EtherNet/IP Server (slave) is available in firmware versions V3.01 and above. The controller has been conformance tested to ODVA CT15. EtherNet/IP (Ethernet/Industrial Protocol) is a ‘producer-consumer’ communication system used to allow industrial devices to exchange time-critical data. Such devices range from simple I/O devices such as sensors/actuators, to complex control devices such as robots and PLCs. The producer-consumer model allows the exchange of information between a single sending device (producer) and a number of receiving devices (consumers) without having to send data multiple times to multiple destinations.

ODVA Approval
The EtherNet/IP Server option has been conformance tested and certified by the ODVA (certificate number 11761). It is able to communicate to a variety of ODVA approved EtherNet/IP Scanners. https://marketplace.odva.org/organizations#?technologies=none&view=members

Modbus TCP/IP Master
When enabled, the Modbus TCP/IP Master option allows the EPC2000 Programmable Controller to act as a TCP/IP master to up to three slave devices. To simplify integration with other Eurotherm devices, profiles for EPC2000 Programmable Controllers, EPC3000 Programmable Controllers, EPack™ Compact SCR Power Controllers and EPower™ Controllers have been included in this release. A maximum of 32 data points are supported, which are shared amongst the configured slave devices.

LIN16 function block
The LIN16 function block converts an input signal into an output PV using a series of up to 14 straight lines (16 points) to characterize the conversion.

Supporting Documentation
HA033210 – EPC2000 Data Sheet Issue 3
HA033213 – EPC2000 Brochure Issue 2

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