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A complete range of products from circular paper chart recorders to graphic recorders to plant wide Data Management solutions.

Electronic Data Recording

A range of products designed to acquire your process data and then to display, transfer and manage that data using secure yet flexible means to meet your needs.

  • Comply to 21 FDA CFR Part 11 Regulations for Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures
  • Multi-batch recording
  • Range of Ethernet protocols available
  • Standard networking via Ethernet
  • Math capability including Mean Kinetic
  • Temperature (F0) calculation
  • Web server via Bridge software
  • Time Synchronization
  • Offline data viewing via Reviewer software
  • Report generation
  • Direct printer output
  • Email/SMS alarm/event notification
  • Proven Ready to Use Templates for ISPE GAMP® 5 Qualification/Validation  operations (Cat3 for product, Cat4-5 for Solution)

Paper Recorders

A versatile range of circular chart recorders to meet paper recording requirements of the Life Sciences industries.  The 392/394 in 10″ circular chart size offer a wide range of features that include: annotation, custom messages, powerful math pack and local archiving to a PC Card.

  • Up to 6 universal inputs
  • Remote chart control
  • Analogue re-transmission
  • Math pack including
  • F0 calculation for sterilization
  • Offline data viewing via Review software
  • Online configuration
  • Serial communications
  • Pen offset compensation
  • Portable option

Plant wide Data Management

The Information Manager combines the power and flexibility of a relational database with the speed and compression of a real time historian package.

  • Capture and stores all plant data.
  • Real-time and historical plant information accessible to the entire organisation
  • Embedded Microsoft SQL Server provides standard access via
  • SQL queries
  • Based on Aveva Industrial SQLServer real-time plant historian
  • Comply to 21 FDA CFR Part 11 Regulations for Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures
  • Client Server architecture (redundant in option)
  • Proven Ready to Use Templates for ISPE GAMP® 5 Qualification/Validation  operations (Cat3 for product, Cat4-5 for Solution)
  • Report generation
  • Data Analysis/ Data Analytics

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