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Trusted partners supporting life science processes

Improving process efficiency, sustainability and regulatory compliance is in our DNA. Meet our dedicated and experienced life science team, we will be glad to hear your challenges and contribute a solution.

What makes Eurotherm different in Life Sciences? Innovation, focus on regulations, and our people’s passion and knowledge

We choose to help develop the life sciences sector because we have a passion for doing things right and the tenacity to find innovative ways to comply with regulatory standards while still enabling our customers to maintain a competitive edge.

This combination of technical skill and industrial knowledge comes from our experience in developing solutions for challenging applications throughout our 50+ year history. The constant requirement to deliver on-time, on-quality, and on-cost has created a conscientious culture and development environment, where new engineers and subject matter experts can grow and add their unique contributions.

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“Our customers consider us as trusted advisors on process efficiency, sustainability improvements and good data practices (GxP). We support many world leading life science companies with process improvement and regulatory compliance by applying our specialist knowledge in machine and process automation efficiency, high integrity data management, and ISPE GAMP 5 good engineering practices, to find unexpected ways to extract the best value from your system.”

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Roberto Zerbi

Global Business Development Manager, Life Science

“Minimizing unplanned process interruptions is key for our life science customers. Through our understanding of processes and regulations we’ve developed advanced services and service level agreements that support predictive maintenance, as well as asset upgrade paths with PQ carried out by our GAMP 5 qualified engineers.”

Param Chana

Global Business Development Manager, Services

“Customers are asking us for products, features, and turnkey systems to simplify their processes and help them meet their regulatory requirements. In response, our life science teams are pro-actively applying their experience and know-how to develop digital engineered solutions (DES). These specialized solutions are designed to help meet the standard compliance requirements of specific life science process applications, but also allow some customization to include the customer’s intellectual property. A simplified solution for all parties, whether they may be a machine builder, system integrator or end user.”

Sébastien Girard

Global Business Development Director – Vertical Markets, Systems & Services



“We are one-stop-shop for customers because we can fulfill their data recording requirements along with the system validation, thanks to our proprietary GAMP 5 templates.”

Luciana Mesa Campos

Sales Business Development Manager, Life Science


“We demonstrate our value by integrating our excellence in precision control, high integrity data capture, regulatory compliance and redundant architectures, in thoughtfully designed engineered solutions.”

Simon McIntyre

Sales Manager

North America (USA, Canada & Mexico)

“We are active members of the ISPE and regularly attend conferences to keep up to date and contribute to data integrity discussions on ALCOA+, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Pharma 4.0.”

Tom Slusser

CPG Account Manager

Asia Pacific

ASEAN, Taiwan, Japan, Australia & New Zealand

“We’re helping OEMs, labs and storage facilities to reduce system validation costs by separating environmental monitoring systems (EMS) from building monitoring systems (BMS).”

Jay Agustin

Senior Sales Manager


“When vaccine production needed to be increased to cope with a huge global demand, we were proud to be a trusted supplier to help meet our customers’ data integrity requirements.”

Ravi Kant Gupta

Senior Technical Sales Manager, Life Science

Indonesia & Malaysia

“When the life science industry wanted to move from paper-based records and signatures we responded by developing digital graphical recorders to help meet the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.”

Marteen Samuel

Sales, Life Science



“We are responding to customers’ requirements for flexible environmental monitoring systems by providing wireless communication solutions with GAMP 5 qualification and personnel training.”

Philippe Ducret

Technical Sales Business Manager, Life Science


“Simplifying the reporting, review and approval of batch release processes is second nature to us and we have helped many customers move from paper-based to digital-based processes with electronic signatures.”

Jocelyn Rogron

Sales Business Development Manager, Life Science


“We recognized our laboratory customers’ need for simplified compliance to fume hood regulations and developed a Variable Air Volume kit as an innovative digital engineered solution.”

Luca Melli

Sales Business Development Manager, Life Science


“When the call came for technical support to set up emergency production lines for urgently needed ventilators at the start of the global pandemic, we helped to make it happen on time.”

Kevin Robinson

Sales Business Development Manager, Life Science

UK & Ireland

“System integrators appreciate the cost-efficiency of redundancy at the touch of a button, and ‘store and forward’ feature for data archiving reliability, designed into our T2750 PAC to help reduce system engineering and validation time.”

Deniel Bourne

Sales Manager UK & Ireland


“Our customers appreciate our knowledge and experience when they need help to achieve compliance with regulations as well as meet their sustainability goals.”

Javier Riofrio

Technical Sales, Life Science


“We enjoy a challenge, our multiskilled international life science team creates an ecosystem of innovators to help solve customers problems while meeting their regulatory requirements.”

Björn Andersson

Solutions and Services, Life Science

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